Group Runs – 6 Feb 13 (Give aways from Shoes Feet Gear)

givenTce_highlightShoes Feet Gear are getting behind the Doing the Miles Group runs by giving away stuff to each person who joins me. So come along do a run and get some free stuff.

Todays group run 6 Feb 13. The meeting point is the Running Shop “Shoes, Feet, Gear at Paddington“. These are easy social group runs. I am going for a run if you are faster, then run ahead if you are slower you will fall in behind. It does not cost anything to join in (I will accept coffees). Just bring a smile and enjoy a run.

Todays run is 30 minutes in total length. After meeting at the store we will head down to Suncorp stadium. The run around the stadium is a very gentle up hill for most of the lap followed by a ramp back down to the start of the lap. The plan is to do easy laps of the venue for around 20 minutes. Once completed I will head back to Shoes Feet Gear to drop off those who have joined in, back at the meeting point.

I look forward to seeing you all at 11.55am for 12pm start.


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