GoPro Hero3 Black Running Hat

imageI want a good method of capturing photos while I on the run. My search has been extensive I have tried many POV camera including, Sony, Contour, Vio Pov HD and Gopro. The very first camera I tried to take running was jst a JVC handy cam. It was heavy to carry in one hand while running. The amazing scenes I find and see need to be captured. To capture running specifically the camera must be

  1. Light on your head
  2. Mount to a hat
  3. Be able to handle the impact of each step during running
  4. Take photos and video

imageWell I am sad to say that I have had fail after fail for this specific purpose. Mounting them on a bike they all work easily and well. But for running they are, too heavy, dont mount easily to a hat, fall off while running etc. GoPro has just released the Hero3 Black 25% lighter and 30% smaller could this be the one. After find out that they have also made a new housing called the frame that is much lighter, I had to give it a go.

imageThe camera itself is great smaller faster, video and photo every 5 seconds in a single function (perfect). The frame housing is very light. Mounting, I have taken the head band mount and applied velcro to the back of it. I have then sewn velcro on to the hat brim. Initial test have proven positive. This could be the solution I have been looking for.


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