Happy Birthday Park Tool – let me buy myself a present

ParkTool 50 yearsI have printed out the 2013 Park Tool catalogue, in colour of course (Blue, Black and White). It is like a dirty mag for those who love all things bikes. Park Tool’s turns 50 this year; HAPPY BIRTHDAY Park Tool. I love my Park Tool tools. They do exactly what they are meant to and are made specifically for the bike industry. I have taken to each cataloge page with a green highlighter, looking for & marking, tools missing from my kits arsenal. The list is extensive.

As bikes and technology progress so does the requirement for the correct tools to repair, maintain and tinker (my love) with them. Something that has become very important recently is torque wrenches. Companies are becoming very specific about maximum & minimum torque on each bolt on both parts and frames. You may get a very rude shock if you go for a warranty claim because you have stripped a thread but have not used a torque wrench. Face it if you have some cool carbon, trick titanium and ultra-light aluminium they probably cost you a bunch. Better to spend a little on the correct tools than a lot on replacement.
Back to me and my tool list here is the list in order of priority; each time I get a new tool I can do that much more on my bikes. The best thing at the moment is I have three beautiful kids who are getting bikes. That means more bikes in the shed and more to tinker with, happy days. I have already been looking for a nice BMX frame for my son and he can’t ride a bike yet. Gives me a great excuse to get more bikes right.
My list has not made it here because I am still building it. It will be up soon. I did purchase a 32mm,36mm headset wrench yesterday to make adjustments to a problem solver part on my Tikit.


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