Mother Nature is the Ruler

imageI go through life usually unaffected by the weather. Yes training some days are hot and other are cold. But generally I can just go to the fridge and get a cold drink or make a hot coffee. You really start to appreciate the easy convenance when it is removed from access. We have been through a good storm here in South East Queensland over the last couple of days. It has resulted in the following at my house

  • Power out (Our tree fell and has taken out the streets power, bonus free fire works for the street)
  • Flooding in the shed (My bike building and climbing gear etc storage place, nothing destroyed but needs a good clean out MUD!)
  • Phones out
  • Internet out
  • Work closed today
  • Road access in and out restricted due to roads flooded
  • My sons 1st day of school canceled (School closed)
  • Local fuel station closed no fuel left (Everyone running generators)

This sounds like so little, but without power so little in my life functions easily. I have found myself thinking more about little things. Like the preparation of food, it takes more time and I have put in more thought planning and effort making each meal. Breakfast this morning, I had to take more into account,

  1. Plan out fridge door opening because fridge is keeping food cold, don’t have power to just cool it down againimage
  2. Coffee, get out camp cooker start stove boil water, etc
  3. Has the milk already turned?

What I am trying to say is more thought is put into the little things once modern conviences are removed. I am not sure if that is better or worse than normal, but I am currently enjoying doing the extra thinking about the little things. I hope everyone is well and you that have been affected much less so than I.


Leaf in the rain webDrop in the bucketWater during the storm


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