Ikea meets Frame building

using-anvil-toolsThis is the coolest thing in biking I have found in some time. I have always wanted to build frames. In fact I spend a lot of time dreaming up designs and have done some research into the equipment required. I would love to be the owner of an Anvil Journey Frame Fixture, but I don’t have the time or cash right now. That is something outside my current 5 year plan.

JiggernautThen the perfect solution shows itself on the web. What if Ikea joined up with a master frame builder and developed a frame building jig. Well it has happened; “The Jiggernaut” this is a flat pack frame building jig and tube set so you can build your own track or road frame. I want it, but it will not be before the end of this year. I have most of my hours already planned out for this year. Maybe I could make it a summer project (Don’t let my wife know she already has a new fence plan).
frame_and_hardware_and_jig_smallCheck it out!


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