Bike Passion: Bling at Gap Creek Park

DCIM103GOPROIt has been 30 years now that I have been riding the trails around Gap Creek Park. The trail network is fantastic. I thought that I knew most of the trails but just last week I was shown a connecting trail that I can’t wait to ride and run again. Well I love meeting new people at the Park. Each week new people are discovering the joys of this area so close to the centre of Brisbane city heart. I have people come up to me each week in the car park asking about the best trails etc. Well they are all good just get out on them. I know some people are into people watching well I am into bike watching, and people’s stories that go with them. Two bikes I saw last week and got with the GoPro are a GT owned by Conrad and a OnOne single speed I did not get the riders name. The OnOne guy was a machine he rode well.

What I loved about Conrad’s GT was that even his iPhone case matched the bike. The orange continued. Both riders were so passionate about their bikes. Get out and Ride!


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