Sport Pro 200 by Lowepro

My old pack has died. It has done very well, lots of miles and travel on the clock. So I started to look for a good replacement. A bag must do a number of thing to be truly useful for me
1. Carry gear while running, cycling, climbing and everything adventure.
2. It must be useable as carry on luggage.
3 . Has lots of places for each piece of gear. I like to be organized.
4. Can carry cameras, laptop and gear for over night travel. Preferred if laptop has easy access for getting through security at airports were you have to take it out all the time, to pass through the security scanner.

Well I think I have found the bag. A Lowepro Photo Sport 200. It has many good features. Camera pouch that is easy access on the side. My Laptop will fit in the bladder pocket at the back, with still more room for running gear and just enough space for that little extra required when staying out overnight. I have ordered the orange. I hope to get it next week and give it a good try before heading to the US and Canada next month. More about that trip soon.




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