Group Runs – 1st official, leaving from Shoes Feet Gear Paddington

givenTce_highlightToday Wednesday 23/1/2012, begins the 1st official Doing the Miles group run. The meeting point is the Running Shop “Shoes, Feet, Gear at Paddington“. These are easy social group runs. I am going for a run if you are faster, then run ahead if you are slower you will fall in behind. I will turn around on an out and back at the 15 minute mark. If everyone does that then we will all return to our starting point within a few minutes of each other. It does not cost anything to join in (I will accept coffees). Just bring a smile and enjoy a run.

map pictureClick on the name of the route for todays run to see the map. Todays route is called “Elephant on its Head 6k“. Starting at Shoes Feet Gear the group will leave and run via footpath and bikeway out to the Elephant Elephant at GOMAstatue, on the river side of GOMA . Please follow all road rules when it comes to crossing the roads. Use the underpass at Coronation drive.

I look forward to seeing you all at 11.55am for 12pm start.


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