Beautiful Photos – Pipeline FNQ 2011

IMG_6070-001In 2011 I was running a coaching clinic in Far North Queensland at a mine site. At this time I had a foot injury and was just getting the miles back up to my regular weekly average. The living area was some distance from the mine. The entire area was owned by the mine and the housing for the mine took up about a square mile. Nothing else existed for 100-200 miles. So to ensure I would not get lost in the Australia outback I asked mine security where I could run. They said just follow the pipeline. Well I don’t think the mine had a runner stay before. I stared following the pipe. The pipe went from the living village through the mine and then onto the coast 700km away. The entire way it has a nice flat gravel road beside it. I captured this amazing photo of the sun reflecting off the pipe.

Well I just kept following the pipe enjoying the run. Before I knew the same security officer was racing up to me in his security truck asking “What was I doing in the mine site?”. My reply was I was just following the pipe like you said too. He replied with “I never though anyone would run that far”. So after a very cool tour of the mine from inside the security car I was dropped outside the mine site operation and ran back to the village. That was the perfect running track, gravel, flattish and long. Another great run with any unexpected adventure attached.

The Australian outback is a truly beautiful place. I really do love it. Maybe because I was born in the outback, or it is just the huge open places to be explored. If you get a chance in your life go see the Australia deserts.


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