Hattori – ordered and on the way

Once again wiggle.co.uk have made a sale through me. I have been looking at the Saucony Hattori shoes for a while but the price has been out of my range for a trial/test shoe. Well at just under $50AUD with free shipping I could not say no. I am not sure that I ordered the correct size. Bare foot shoes are usually smaller for the same side, if you are a 8 in regular control shoes in a barefoot shoe you will need a bit larger 8.5-9 due to the different lasts. I ordered a size up from my regular size to make up for the difference. I am looking forward to reviewing the performance of these shoe and will bring that to you when I have had a good go of them.

Hattori Shoes


One thought on “Hattori – ordered and on the way

  1. Great shoe! I love the Hattori – BUT – Can you believe Saucony are discontinuing it from Spring this year? It’s being replaced by the Virrata – A new 0mm heal to toe ratio shoe. Not as minimalist though – the sole is 18mm! I haven’t had a try of these yet, but am told by Saucony that the sole is very flexible.

    If you love your Hattori – Stock up on them now, else they’ll be gone!

    Thanks, Lee from Feetus.co.uk

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