Salsa Bling for my Tikit

Once you start something I guess you have to go all the way. When purchasing the Salsa Rack Lip Lock for my lighting project I decided to also up grade the seat post collar. Purchasing the beautiful red Lip Lock to go with the other red high lights. It has not made it onto the bike yet so that will be a future post.
Salsa make some great bikes and parts. The Lip Locks do work very well and look fantastic too.
Purchasing online has a double effect on me. I love the hunt then the purchase, followed by the keen wait. It is like a cooling off period or is it just a get more excited period. It’s Christmas when mail arrives, feels like you are purchasing all over again while opening the package. I like it a lot. Even more exciting is the extended wait for something custom-made. The excitement builds and builds the longer you have to wait. It is no wonder some of my build project take years, I love the journey of the whole process.


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